Ways Through Which You Can Protect Yourself And Your Family In Case Of Floods

Floods are known to cause extensive damage and as such, there are protective measures that one should take in order to protect oneself against floods. Such measures are divided into before and during the flood.

Herein are some of the safety measures that are supposed to be taken into consideration before floods:

flooded road· Educate every member of your family about the emergency procedures in case of a flood.

It is important to ensure that all your family members including the children know where the natural gas main, electric fuse box and the water service mains are and how they are turned off.

· Always plan an escape route in case a flood hits.

Get to know which roads around you are likely to drown easily and those that are not, what is the best place to go to in case a flood struck and above all plan ahead for a safety shelter; this could be a friend’s, or another person’s home.

· If you have pets, plan for their safety.

In most cases, pets are not allowed to stay in shelters due to health reasons and, therefore, it is advisable to have a pre-plan of where to keep them.

· Write up an accurate and complete list of all that you possess in your home.

The sole purpose of this in having a home inventory helps you lay an insurance claim for anything that may get destroyed by the floods.

· There is always an out of state family member or friend that can help.

Therefore, have them listed as an emergency contact in case your family got separated during the flood evacuation. Ensure that each and everyone has a copy of the number or alternatively, has the number memorized to avoid missing persons. It also makes reuniting easier.

During the flood, the safety precautions are:

· Always be prepared for an evacuation as soon as it is announced.

· Remove all harmful materials to higher locations. Such materials include oil, cleaning supplies, and pesticides.

· Close all the valves and utilities, should the flood cleanup services provider advise you to turn off all utilities such as gas valves it is wise to follow the directions for one’s own safety.

· Move all that you possess to a much higher ground. This ensures that all your valuables shall be protected and won’t get damaged.

· Make sure that you confirm your family’s emergency kit. Ensure that it is fully stocked with all the supplies that are going to be needed. Items such as flashlights, batteries, canned food are some of the things that should be present in the emergency kit.

· Do not attempt to swim or walk through water that is moving. Crossing through a flood makes you vulnerable, and you may be carried by the moving water. The best thing would be to go back and look for ground that is a bit higher than the one you are treading on.

· If you are in a vehicle, and it suddenly gets surrounded by water, the best thing is to leave immediately and seek higher ground as soon as possible. Remaining in the vehicle makes you prone to drowning or being washed away.

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