Nielsen Confirms Teens Text Most

Do you know what age group sends the most number of text messages in the US?


From the above graph (of a research), you can clearly see that the age group of 13-17 send the most number of messages. If you are a parent you should already be knowing it!

This research done by The Nielsen Company suggests that:

  • Parents need to check how their teens are using the phone and should periodically review their phones. This ensures that they do any sexting. Also guide them when to use and when not to use the phone. Most of the teens use their phone even during class and while eating dinner. Parents should teach them how to use the phone in a healthy way without scolding or making them feel bad.
  • In case of getting in touch with your teens, text messages are the best way as 97% of text messages get read.
  • Unlimited text plans are absolutely necessary for the families having a teen.

Any other thoughts for helping your son or daughter use that cell phone responsibly?