New Drug-Free Treatment for Depressed Teens

There are many students who use drugs to improve their level of focus and to get out of the depression or anxiety. This may work for the time being but if you continue to take these kinds of drugs for a couple of months, then you will start to experience the serious side effects.

One famous drug to improve the level of focus is Adrafinil, and this may work for people who work on the night shifts, but the side effects are not worth the risks of taking these. You can read the Adrafinil reviews here to know more about the damages that can cause on your body. Whatever may be the side effects, it’s still not a good idea to fall into the trap of addiction. If you think that you will take the drug once a week, and there will be no problem whatsoever then think again!

It is easy to get attracted to these kinds of magic pills especially during teenage but depending on the drug will make you lose the will power and you may feel like that you can not achieve anything worthwhile without using the drug. It’s always better to listen to your parents or doctor if you planning to use any kind of drug.

All teens get to feeling down occasionally. But, when the sadness or anxiety doesn’t go away, it is time to seek help. Medications currently being used to combat depression can have serious side effects, though.

This study about helping depressed teens improve their mood is a breath of fresh air–no drugs and non-invasive. The teen learns to train her brain to improve mood.

The study is currently being conducted in Providence, RI and Cambridge, MA at the NeuroDevelopment Center. Do you know a high school or college student who could benefit from this?

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