Count Your Blessings

I  finally walked into the front door of my home after 6 p.m. yesterday. It had been a marathon gift and food shopping excursion. 12 bags of groceries, 6 bottles of water, 1 last Christmas gift…

A woman in a radio ad was trying to return a partridge in a pear tree to the store but was turned down by the salesperson because the gift had been bought more than 90 days ago. That got me to musing about how easy it is to miss the spirit of the holidays.

Caregiving for family members can be all consuming. It is so easy to lose perspective when you are knee-deep in the details. The stress is very real and can hurt your health.

It sounds trite, but when I get to feeling overwhelmed I sit down with a cup of tea, take some deep breaths and count my blessings. My ritual started a number of years ago when everything looked so bleak. I focused on just one blessing.

Oddly enough, changing my perspective caused the blessings to start to multiply. It has been magical to watch as the events and people around me became more positive. Of course, this is easier to do looking back at past events than when your umbrella has turned inside out by the gale force winds of a major storm!

So my holiday gift to you is a reminder: Count your blessings and let the people around you know that you treasure them as one of  your blessings.

And, if you are having a tough time getting started, the video above has a wonderful (tongue-in-cheek) song to get you rolling.

Wishing you a thousand blessings…

Merry Christmas!

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