Easing Your College Student’s Transition Back Home

Tips For Parents To Help College Students Transition Back Home.

Is your child coming back home from college? Are you worried about how to deal with him/her, especially since the last time you had some high school restrictions? Have you been enjoying the freedom without any child in the house and are worried about how to act with your child there? Well, you’re not alone. Every parent who has experienced the empty nest syndrome always has a problem adjusting when one of the children comes back from college. Here’s what you need to do.

First, start by writing down everything that you assume might become an issue when your child comes back. For instance, buying extra groceries, reconverting the bedroom back from a workshop or art room and also doing extra chores than you were used to because there is someone else living in the house. No matter how small the issue might be, you need to write it down. That way, you can find a good way of dealing with it before your child settles back home from college.

Secondly, you need to treat your child like an adult, whether he/she is just home for summer break or has actually finished college and hopes to stay with you until a good job comes along. If you were always cleaning up after your child, you need to share the chores to make sure that he/she is doing their share to keep the house looking tidy. Yes, your child might want to be treated the same way you did previously, but you need to remind him/her that it’s time to grow up.

Third, if your child plans to stay home for a while after a college, you need to advise them to find a way to contribute money to the house. For instance, before the dream job comes along, he/she can work at a local coffee shop and contribute to the groceries and other little expense in the house. On the other hand, he/she can put their skills to use and find a creative way to make money from home and pay some of the expenses. Basically, your child needs to know that you can’t cater to each of their expenses because they are essentially grownups now.

Finally, find a way to step out of the role of being a parent and become a friend to your child. You can always advise your child on various issues he/she might go through before the next journey in their life begins.

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